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BLOG URL CHANGING : Pls update to http://www.ecs-chloe.blogspot.com TY!

Hi Guys! 

Please relink my blog to http://www.ecs-chloe.blogspot.com

My current host from Exabytes will expired soon so I will be using Blogspot.com back

Will officially change to http://www.ecs-chloe.blogspot.com on
Sunday 7th of August 2011 

So do remember to update your linkies 


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Confession of a lazy bump! =)

Tired day ? a Long day?
Are you as lazy as me?
Eventhough I’m not busy with anything yet I’m lazy to care about my face skin care
All I ever do now was
Cleanser AND Toner
Yes ,
Just these two *lol*
And sometimes I can be so lazy that I just cleanse my face and that’s it

My face is quite sensitive as in I have the T-zone type combination skin
My cheek is dry and it is much dryer especially a long day in the air-con room
Then , my skin starts to peel like skin flakes
I don’t even dare to try to put any moisturiser on my face
I had a bad experience back when I was at UK
UK weather are always cold and windy
That mades my face much much much dryer
None of the moisturiser save my skin from flaking
Some products gives me the tingling sensation and it hurts

I know I no longer can stop from not doing anything to my face
Else my face condition will get worse
Pigmentation, dark spots, sign of ageing like wrinkles starts to appear
Can’t deny that I’m getting older  M A T U R E

So I spend time infront of my laptop searching A-Z a proper skin regimen
that I could possible try out

I’m not someone who will try everything on my face because I know my skin well
I scare of breakouts and who don’t hate pimples ! !
So, I don’t simply try any products on my face

So far the products that I have used on my face is:
All these brands are branded and pricey ofcourse

I do believe that expensive items may not bring the outcome or result to your face
and that’s why I wanna try out new brands (average price) that is available from Watsons/SaSa

I read upon a blog
She says there is no product in this world that could make you look perfect
Neither there is a product that could make you look fair to few skin tones lighter and stay as it is Fair ~

She have alot of products but also thanks to her I know which product to try on my face

I also belief there is no ugly women in this world
Ugly women can be pretty too
Make up as it is
I would said this is an art
I may be good in painting but make up ~ I admit I fail until now

I know to look good practice is a must
But everyday make up and go out?
To some girls make up is a must to you
But to me I still like to be natural
This is hard especially my eye area
I hate the saggy look on my eye after the end of the day of putting eye make up
and hate it more when put black eye liner and it smudge during the day
Makes me feel as if I cried or simply having a dark panda eye
So often I just leave my eye as it is

Before this, I do have a full set of skin care routine which is from Laneige
I have the facial cleanser, Toner, Moisturiser , Emulsion
I ended up giving up following the full step of the skin regimen

Being a girl is not easy
Need to worry about your face and the next thing on is your hair !
Hair @@
People like me who dyed my hair like nobody business
My worse attempt was to self dyed my hair twice in 2 months
I must said I regret it now
Really I suggest dyed your hair half a year
Don’t dyed it because you hate your roots grow and it looks ugly
I know but re-dying it over and over again

You may not know that actually your hair are spoilt and serious damaged
Especially when your hair grows longer
The bottom of your hair tends to grow split ends easily it’s because
When your hair grows longer the bottom of it tends to lack of nutrient
Excessive hair mask I thought could save my hair from split ends but I was wrong

Too much of hair mask could make your hair dead faster
What you need is olive oil instead ~
I still haven’t come across any hair serum which is in the original olive oil form

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OPI Black Shattered

OPI Black Shattered
I would said this is the nail trend color now for those who opt for simple nail
Yet look special 
You can paint your own nails your self and seriously 
Owning a bottle of this shattered will not make you regret ~
The OPI black shattered works best on shiny nail bases 
You can also try on cream colors
Personally, I like OPI Teenage Dream as the nail base
I bought my self an OPI top coat, base coat and black shattered 
Here is my first try using Skin Food as the base
Go grab one for yourself now too….!
One OPI bottle from the nail shop is RM59
However you can get it cheaper online
But, I’m not sure if that will be original version of OPIs anot ~

*Pictures courtesy to Google image*

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❤ FIMO nails : Fruity nails DIY ❤

Fimo Nail Art ^____^ ❤
This is a relatively an old post because I’ve done this nails back 1 month ago *lol* 
Just don’t have the time to blog it out
So here it is
I was amaze how beautiful these fruity nails 
To those who doesn’t know what is this
It’s called FIMO nail art ~
I’ve tried it on my own nails! 
Can’t stop resist to keep look at my own nails ~
Here are some other pictures I found on the net 
Collection of cute FIMO nail art 
Starry Fruity Nail Design ~
 Colorful Fruity Nails~
More Colorful Nails ~
Black Smily Design~
Green Design~
One of my favourite are this one ~
I bought mine from one of the site I search thru from Facebook
It’s called Liora Outlet found in FB
Try type FIMO nails on Facebook to search whichever FIMO
that you like
Ofcourse alot of them have different pricing for each sticks
*Pictures credited from related sites and google*
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2 weeks of holiday ! ♥♥♥

It’s my term break now and it’s only 2 week long ! =___=
I’m left with 1 week holiday now
Just back home from visiting Singapore
I was there for 5 days and 4 nights ^___^
 Went to Universal Studio entrance 
@@ Didn’t manage to go in play because entrance fees is SGD73 per person
Not worth it to go in for half a day =X
 Candylicious Shop Entrance
Tempted to go in? 
Inside got alot of jellybeans and souvenirs
I think I went in and spend about 30 minutes inside *lol*
So many Lolipop candy on top of the tree
Very cute and sweet xD
This is me me ~ 
 Dinner inside Vivo shopping mall 
Went to Brotzeit German Bar & Restaurant
Highly recommend people come to this place for dinner  
Check out the restaurant website here 
Seems little to you?
But still can’t manage to finish it for 5 people
Next day,
Casino Entrance 
Spot the car over there? 
and look at the guard standing at the entrance 
So many guards =____=
Sat the train that stops by at Imbiah station, Waterfront station 
And here is the mini Merlion inside Sentosa
I think it’s at Imbiah station 
At the Jewel Cable Car located on top of Mount Faber
Check out the cable car ride website here
The entrance looks grand and nice at night
and ofcourse the cable car ride is also expensive  
They have package price and its about SGD4X
There is wedding going on that night and I also spotted 
wedding proposal plan that they have inside the cable car (=
The lights make the place looks romantic 
Getting ready to hop into one of the cable cars
From top view I spotted this during the journey 
At the next stop
 That’s about it
Didn’t snap alot of picture because most of the time I just went shopping  ^__^
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How Irresponsible and Ignorant of a Gaming Management Team could be (MapleSea) and Asiasoft

As above, the title says it all
I’m sure many of you out there when you were once young
You indulge in online games

Have you ever encounter any problem like your account being hack?
Character got stuck somewhere , couldn’t login problem etc etc ?

You Reported to the technical team through email (tons of email)
But Only one reply after few weeks later ?
(Your voices wasn’t heard because you are just a minority in the game)

In short you are un- important  and nobody bother about your problem
Why would I said this?  
There are many other players in the game 
Like bring in Asiasoft company (A gaming industry company)
Inside they have many other sub online game
You’re just like a little ant in the game
Without you, there is still other players as well

If it’s like this, where is our right as a online game player?
There are no consumer right or any legal law to protect us
There wouldn’t be any society or anyone to help you get back what you have lost
Certaintly if you doesn’t know anyone inside from the HQ
Your problem forever also no need to solve

Saying this you might just say
Get a Life!
Quit gaming
(But have you wonder trying to be in our position and other gamers think? )

Let’s listen my side of story
I do played a game name Maplestory aka Maplesea
I would said i’m one of the average player in the game as
I played it for many years already
Don’t mention the amount of time, effort and money I spend in the game
(My current level, the amount of people I know in the game and the hours
I used to play and train my character)
Imagine all my effort was down to drain just like this

What happen was
I disconnect from the new fishing map in FM
The next day I try to login and I got disconnect at the 2nd login password page
It only happen to my main character
Other character in the same account still can login
It’s obviously not my laptop problem because I have friends trying to login my account
and they fail to login as well
This problem wasn’t solve up til today
It’s been 27 days since it happen

I do get some replied from ibox which I posted few weeks ago
1 ask me to check my firewall
2nd one ask me to check internet connection
3rd ask me to check other stuff
(They thought my login problem is like other people login problem)
But they never take some time to look deeper
and find out what actually happen to my character
Why does it stuck up to today
It’s not like I’m being hack or being banned from the game
It’s the ingame character problem it self that needed a technician to look into it

So why not any……. Any technician free to look into my problem and help me?
Insufficient of staff working is all your reasons

I have a friend to help me to go SG office to complain but guess what
Asiasoft office in Tampines ~
They don’t even allow a single soul enter its premises/office
They left a phone outside the office which directs to the front desk
My poor friend staying at the other right end in SG
Travels back through taxi in the end
and problem is still not settle

Ofcourse I would considerate on their behalf
Not like people will rob their company
But probably to protect the employees inside ? *laughs*

I have tried live chat in Asiasoft account and they ask me to wait reply from ibox
But what can ibox do??
Replying me useless and unhelpful ways like checking firewall???
Did they even read the content that I descripted regarding my problem
I have written in clear english explanation of my problem
and the methods I tried to used before but still unable to login
They still give me a reply to check my firewall setting =__=

Seriously, I don’t know what else could I do to get back main character

The amount of post I posted in maplesea Forum and maple FB discussion board
It’s also a waste of time

Leaving me feeling dissapointed *sigh*
These Gaming Industry earning our money so much ad laughing happily
Where will care about us- this little tiny gamers 
They should be happy up to now
There ain’t any law to protect against us to fight back against our own rights

If there is 
Asiasoft can close down le ~ ~  

(This post is solely my own opinion , the grudge I have after numerous complain I have make and
No one able to help me….) *Cheers*

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Random Outings

I know my blog has been collecting dust
Since I no post anything in innit
No publicity etc etc…..
This blog is rather dead =X

Went to dad friend house
His son is getting married soon
So Yeap this is my outfit for the day ^_^

Quite a number of people in facebook
Says this picture is nice =X
I wonder why o____O? 

Btw, my exam for this sem is officially over
*Claps Claps*
The next round will be on december
But one thing for sure
I can finally have my beauty sleep and no need
to feel so stress d ~.~

Need time to re-structure my lifestyle again!
And ofcourse I’m back to blogging (^___________^)

Kind enough to be my follower and like my FB page too? *hehe* 
Thankiew muchie ^^

I promise to update frequently now ! =D

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my fruity nails

Random pictures that I never had the time to post it 
My fruity nails 
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Review: Skin Peptoxyl : Intelligent Dark Circle Eraser (Haloxyl) Eye Serum

Product Name : Skin Peptoxyl : Intelligent Dark Circle Eraser (Haloxyl) Eye Serum
►Range: Eye brightening serum
►Origin From: US
►Price: RM128
►Available From: Sasa Outlet
►Product Ingredients: –
My review:
Reduce eye bag
✔Reduce dark circle
(This eye serum is average expensive. It did help to reduce my eye bag. But reduce dark circle under my eye….. hmmmm still not a good one)
►Rating: ★★//★★★★★
►Re-Purchase: YES/NO/MAYBE

More about this product is said in this YouTube video 
Click here to watch

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